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40% Alc./Vol. (80 proof)

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Muchote Reposado Premium Tequila, is made by Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, in Los Altos, Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. The Vivanco family have been agaveros, growing agave for five generations. The Vivanco 800 acre Los Altos farms are known for rich red clay soil that produce a softer/sweeter tequila. Muchote Reposado Tequila is a single estate tequila, made from 100% Weber Blue tequilana agave. The agave piñas are harvested and placed in brick adobe ovens (hornitos) where they are steamed for 24 hours then left to cool for 24 hours. Double distilled for smoothness, fresh agave flavor yet keeping the natural spice. Our traditional, handcrafted and careful process ensures a natural, smooth, and savory tequila. Muchote Tequila is a hand crafted small batch artisan tequila. Muchote Reposado Tequila is aged in American white oak seasoned whiskey barrels for seven months.

Muchote Is The Most Awarded Reposado Tequila



Planting and terroir (soil, climate, and time it takes each agave plant to grow to maturity) a most important step in making ultra premium tequila. Our agave is grown in the Los Altos region or highlands of Jalisco, known for producing acidic, iron rich red soil, which year after year grow large agave with high sugar content. Minerals are spread naturally in these hills, enriching each agave plant year after year. It takes 10-12 years for our agave to mature, grown naturally with no pesticides. We are a single estate agave, which means that all of the agaves come from one farm. Hand selected and harvested by hand to make sure each agave is the highest quality Weber Blue Agave available (sugar content must be between 23%-28%). The jimador is responsible for planting, nurturing and harvesting the agave plants at the peak of maturity. Using a tool called a coa (a long wood handle with a circular blade attached to the end) to cut the pencas (leaves) off the piña. The jimador plays an important part in the tequila making process. The length of leaf that is left on the piña will add bitterness to the final tequila, therefore it is important to cut as close to the piña as possible for a clean fresh bitter free agave taste.

Our master distiller (Jose Manual Vivanco) works with us on technology and timeless tradition in every stage of the distillation process determining how long to roast, oxygenate, how long will it age and in the barrel…

Cooking and milling, we slow roast the piñas in hornos (brick ovens), which converts starches into fermentable sugars, which draws out flavors over the course of 48 hours. The temperature of the hornos is 100+ degrees Celsius (over 200 degrees Fahrenheit), the agave is cooked for 24 hours and then left to cool for 24 hours. For the extraction, the roasted agave is manually fed into the mill where it is shredded as all the juice is extracted leaving only the fibers. The natural spring water from our 750 foot deep well located on the distillery property is added during this process to help extract the maximum juice from each piña.

occurs when yeast consumes sugars and are converted into alcohol. Muchote tequila uses our own signature champagne yeast and during fermentation process music (Mozart and Vivaldi) is played continuously through out the distillery. The vibrations of the music reduce environmental stress and optimize the sugar conversion during the fermentation process. still

– Double distilled in Alembic copper pot stills, this two part distilling process begins with destrozamiento and then rectificacion, we use two separate traditional copper pot stills.

Aging – Muchote Reposado Tequila is aged in American white oak seasoned whiskey barrels for seven months. The time in barrels adds a level of smoothness, complexity, touch of sweetness, pleasing aroma and a soft beautiful color.

Bottling – We use a amber bottle and a traditional paper label, we have always stated, it’s what is in the bottle and we don’t spare any expense on the Muchote Tequila making process. Putting everything into the tequila itself, lead us to be “A Great Tequila For A Great Price!”


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